Can it be said that you are looking for standout floor escapes? We are offering high quality flooring which gives an exquisite and elegant completion to your interior plans. Floor Evading hides the one-sided edges of your dividers and floors and gives the ultimate touch to your interior plans.

Buy reliable floor skirting and dividers from Scrap Areas & Kicks. Incoming power dividers and links are hidden to avoid this floor. Avoiding the floor additionally protects the floor and dividers from damage. To avoid parquet flooring, we are using the best nature of wood materials, and wood surface of wood, pecan, maple, beach, rubble and oak are being used in combination. In addition to flooring we are also providing a wide range of other interior planning items, for example, carpets, rugs, flooring, vinyl flooring, paint, etc.

Way of avoiding

Does the business have one of the coveted floors of avoiding providers? We offer our clients an escape to Dubai and floor to Abu Dhabi ranges. Due to new popular ideas in the field of interior arrangement, there are different types of flooring to avoid in sheets and styles. different they are

  • Wood evading
  • Metal evading
  • Pencil avoiding and so on.

Sorts of avoiding

We, embellishments can be of different types which maintain the preparation and the materials used accordingly. For example, avoid continuous floors, avoid flush floors, avoid double bond floors, avoid pencil floors, avoid wooden floors, and avoid metal floors

Floor evading is a method of covering up unwanted choices inside interior dividers. These fading sheets were referred to as wipe sheets because they protect the divider from water after clearing the ground.


    The Dubai Escape Floor and Abu Dhabi Escape Floor express absolutely unmistakable efficiencies when installed. For example.

  • Floor avoidance dubai are a clever way to hide one-sided surfaces, hard floors or divider edges.
  • As well as creating a hole between the divider and the floor, the floor covering Dubai also protects the divider from kicks, scrape spots and scratches caused by furniture installation and
  • Actually, millimeter gaps or holes can be seen on the floor even in newly built spaces. To beat this floor Abu Dhabi gives the original answer to hide those pores while giving a satisfying look
  • Dubai Escape Flooring hides exposed electrical wiring from our flooring providers
  • Avoiding merchandise marks: Trim put together contours a projection that Eternity puts a space between furniture close and inside dividers along these lines. This way the dividers are kept away from scratch-free fares from scratching and scratching of the goods.
  • Work on the interior: A coordinating and avoiding bright colors gives the space a complete and clean look. Awedding bounces off the style where it is placed.
  • One of the important benefits of avoiding flooring in your spaces is to keep rooms looking great. The floor divider that escapes Dubai provides an excessive barrier between furniture and Forestall thumps.
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds

Why choose us?

1. We are popular in the interior planning industry of UAE for its quality items and administration.

2. We have face to face experts for assembling our items and all these items are made as per the prerequisites and requests of the clients. If you're getting the items you need, you can organize modified items as well.

3.Our group will visit your area and advise you to choose the best mix of floor avoidance.

4. Every one of our items are financially agreed upon plan and available at market cut and extremely low rates. Likewise you can get limited and discount rates for endless orders that have been changed extensively. We will also provide free of cost tests without any obligation to obtain them. This example will help you choose the best mix of floor escapes in Dubai.

5. You are so busy that you can't go to the market? Then, at that point, you can gain access to our web-based interface, from our site you can gain access to view our catalogues, visit the commodity displays and receive their items. The assortment of items is accessible by movement and you can also ask for a quote through our site.

6. Economical, fast and efficient vehicle management will be provided along with installation administration near home.